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CALL FOR PROPOSALS - Spring Conference

January 31, 2017 2:40 PM | Debra Arviso


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CCDA Spring 2017 Regional Conference

Conference Theme & Topic Areas

We encourage submissions that highlight the conference theme, “Career Counseling in the 21st Century,” highlighted by these following topic areas:

1.      Innovative career development programs, research projects, and activities that address and/or have been successfully implemented in a variety of settings.

2.      Collaborative, creative, and effective strategies for meeting the career development needs of these populations.

3.      Creative and effective uses of technology and social media in delivering career assessments, guidance, occupational information, job search, and related career development services.

4.      Successful partnership ventures and collaborative efforts designed and implemented to deliver career development services and programs.

5.      Proven and innovative marketing strategies for increasing student and community use of career services.  

6.      Innovative programs for helping older workers navigate a complex labor market, identify career pathway opportunities, and determine needed education and training for greater employability and contribution to the workplace.

7.      Effective strategies for promoting partnerships among campus career services, academic programs, and campus organizations that promote student academic/career development.

8.      Methods for effectively assessing and demonstrating the contribution made by career services in terms of client outcomes (e.g. employment or educational status).

9.      Programs with a special tie to our host city or region.

10.   The impact, consequences, and responses by community college career centers to the Student Success Act of 2012 (SB 1456).

11.   Approaches to helping international students with career development and employment opportunities in the U.S. both during and after graduation.

Target Audience

All program material should be designed to provide an experience of learning and development to career counselors and career development practitioners and specialists.  These professionals work in colleges, private practice, schools, business and industry, community services, workforce, corrections and One-Stop centers, agencies and government. They call themselves counselor educators, career center staff, coaches, career development facilitators (CDF’s), rehabilitation counselors, consultants, transition specialists, managers, labor market and employment specialists, and school counselors and administrators.

Share Your Expertise, Submit Your Proposal!

Submission Instructions:  To submit a proposal, please copy and paste the following link in your internet browser:

Proposal Deadline: Midnight PST on Thursday, March 23, 2017. Submissions will not be reviewed past this time unless otherwise stated by CCDA on the website.

Proposal Selection Process: The CCDA Conference Program Committee will review all proposals. Final decisions will be based on quality, target audience, and relation to the conference theme. Presenters will be notified via email of acceptance or rejection of the proposal by Monday, April 10.   If you do not receive an email notification of your proposal’s acceptance or decline from CCDA by April 10, please contact Sherilyn Ashena at

Registration Deadline: A reduced rate for paid registration ($10) for the CCDA Regional Conference is required of all presenters.

Questions & Correspondence: All questions and correspondence regarding program proposals can be made via email to Sherilyn Ashena at

Proposal Evaluation

1.      Each program proposal will be evaluated on the following criteria:

2.      Demonstrates “best practice(s)” in career development

3.      Relevant and timely to conference topic areas

4.      Overall appeal of program content

5.      Well-articulated presentation of program content

6.      Addresses Conference Topic Areas (see above)

A/V Equipment

Presentation meeting rooms will be equipped with a podium or presenter table, LCD/data projector and screen, and electrical access for any additional equipment. Audiovisual equipment such as flip charts and audio patches are available upon request. Conference management will not provide computers, laptops, or any other type of computer equipment. Presenters must bring their own computer equipment or incur the cost individually. No A/V equipment will be available for roundtable sessions.

Internet Access

A limited number of presentation rooms will be equipped with Internet access.


Presenters are responsible for providing a minimum of 50 handouts per session. Room capacity may necessitate a higher quantity of handouts, and you will be notified in advance of the size of your presentation room. Please prepare handouts in advance of the conference, as on-site photocopying will not be available. Please also provide an electronic version of your presentation, including PowerPoint/slides and handouts prior to Thursday, May 4, 2017 for Program Planning and for posting on the CCDA website.

To submit a proposal for the CCDA Spring 2017 Regional Conference, please copy and paste the following link in your internet browser:

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