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Session I - Option A - Valuing the Vulnerable: Igniting Career Development's Role in Social Justice

Session I - Option B - Overcoming Career Roadblocks: Integrating Mental Wellness for Successful Transitions

Session I - Option C - Bad Systems Beat Good People

Session I - Option D - Supporting the Unique Career Development Needs of Graduate Students

Session II - Option A - Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs): Using Creativity with DOD Civilian Employees to Enhance Workplace Readiness

Session II - Option C - Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools & How to Use Them In Career Development Practices

Session II - Option D - How to Develop the Courage to Ask for Equitable Pay -- Culturally Competent Salary Negotiation Training is Critical to Your Individual Career and Our Entire Profession 

Session III - Option A - Generating Positivity During the Grind of Job Search - Strategies for Career Counselors

Session III - Option B - Embracing Happenstance: Insights from 13 Community College Leaders and Implications for Career Practitioners

Session III - Option C -  Solidarity, Agency, & Connection: Supporting Clients’ Mental Wellness in a Precarious Workforce

Session III - Option D -  Leveraging Connection, Empathy, and Problem Solving To Land the Job
Building a Culturally Competent Workforce Through Cross-Cultural Experiential Learning Experiences

Approaches for Helping Marginalized Workers Thrive: A Systematic Review

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